chapter V

when baking, follow directions.. when cooking, go by your own taste.. ~ Laiko Bahrs

made in MyKitchen | serunding daging / spiced beef floss

i got the recipe for serunding daging from one of my mom’s old cookbooks, and it’s really easy to make.. easy, although a little time consuming and requires quite a … Continue reading

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made in MyKitchen | tao hua / soybean pudding

hubs’ friend treated us to dinner at Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Restaurant in Clarke Quay, Singapore once, and i fell totally in love with their tao huay.. tofu fa … Continue reading

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made in MyKitchen | kerabu perut / tripe salad

offal, or more commonly known as ‘spare parts’ locally, is a required taste.. not everyone likes it.. i do, and hubs learned to like it from me.. paru, or lungs … Continue reading

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