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grown in MyGarden | ulam raja

i have in my garden a pot of young ulam raja the seeds from mom a few months ago..she has a few ulam raja plants growing right in front of the house..i was so excited to get my hands on the seeds and grow my own ulam raja supply..

ulam raja / cosmos caudatus / wild cosmos

the ulam raja, or by its scientific name cosmos caudatus comes from the cosmos family and is also known as wild bears small pink flowers, unlike its more commercial cousins that bear bigger and showier flowers..

ulam raja flowers, photo taken from image bank

ulam raja seeds

it grows wild and can usually be found sold in abundance in wet markets, and now, supermarkets too..its seeds are long and thin, dark brown to black in colour and sprout quite easily, depending on its ‘freshness’..the seeds can be found in the dried flowers..i sowed some in a pot and seedlings sprout a few days to a week later..old seeds will definitely take a much longer time to grow..

a close up of my ulam raja plant

all parts of the plant can be eaten, but normally only the young shoots are plucked for can usually find the ulam raja in shops selling nasi campur, alongside other types of fresh ulam (herbs or vege)..the taste of the young shoots is slightly bitter, but carries a really fragrant aroma and is very, very addictive because of that..i like to eat the ulam raja with rice and other dishes, with a must-have bowl of sambal belacan or budu (fermented anchovies) with tempoyak (fermented durian)..i made some tempoyak recently, and will post the recipe soon..

eating ulam raja is said to help clean and improve our blood circulation as it contains a high content of antioxidants..its other health benefits also include aiding in lowering uric acid, reduces heatiness in the body, and even helps to strengthen our bones..

the plant thrives in direct sunlight and needs to be watered once a day/2 can grow up to a height of 2 metres, so it’s advisable to plant it in the ground or use really big pots..i’ll be transferring mine to a much bigger pot once it reaches about half a metre in height..




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4 comments on “grown in MyGarden | ulam raja

  1. Leigh Nankervis
    Sunday ~ May 6, 2012

    My wife and I are seeking this plant. We are small scale seed and plant sellers from Australia.(mostly just Ebay listings). We currently have 55 different varieties of plant for sale on Ebay and would be willing trade any of them for some seed from “Cosmos Cauldatus”. We sell most of our items on ebay at
    if you want to have a look at what we have on offer.
    If you have some seed from this plant or anything else that Im not currently selling please contact me to arrange a trade/swap/barter.

  2. kimberlycun
    Friday ~ May 20, 2011

    makes me wanna plant something also haha

    • whytevee
      Saturday ~ May 21, 2011

      eh you should! it’s very satisfying and rewarding~

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