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made in MyKitchen | jeruk mangga muda / sweet pickled young mango

i’ve been so lazy busy lately..what with the rainy weather affecting my mood overall and this and that..have i ever told you that i hate it when it rains? both my body and mind react negatively towards it..i prefer bright, sunshiny days when everything feels positive and possible..not gloomy and miserable every time it’s wet and cold..and for the past 2 miserable weeks i was all grumpy and grouchy because of it..Cactus thought it was that time of the month..nothing agreed with honestly felt as if i was going through an early mid life crisis kinda nightmare..


this is my utmost favorite pickled fruit EVER..i can munch on it non-stop, anywhere and anytime..oh yeah i’m a sucker for pickled, dried and preserved fruits..


Ingredients :

  • young mangoes, choose ones that are not ripened yet. ripened ones will have yellowish tinges on the skin. also, go for the smallest mangoes you can find

  • kapur/slaked lime
  • sea salt

  • sugar
  • water

Method :

  • first, prepare a salt and water pickling solution. don’t use too much salt though, or it’ll take longer for the sweet pickling solution to work/you’ll need to use even more sugar in the sweet solution. add in a bit of kapur/slaked lime paste. adding kapur/slaked lime paste to the solution will turn the mango slices crunchy.

  • clean the mangoes. you can choose to either peel the skin off or leave them on

  • halve the mangoes. this is the reason why it’s best to go for the smallest mangoes. big ones will have those seed shells that are really, really hard to cut through with a knife

  • remove the soft seeds in the center. use the tip of the knife to pick them out

  • cut the halved mangoes into slices. doesn’t matter how thick or thin the slices are

  • dunk the mango slices in the salt water.leave it to brine overnight

  • the mango slices will turn yellowish when it’s done. discard the salt water and rinse the mango slices once or twice with clean water. set it aside to drain off excess water

  • prepare sweet pickling solution. mix sugar and water, stir it until the sugar is completely dissolved

  • dunk the mango slices in the sweet solution. leave to brine for at least a day
  • serve, and enjoy
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2 comments on “made in MyKitchen | jeruk mangga muda / sweet pickled young mango

  1. ronin
    Wednesday ~ September 21, 2011

    Yummy! My wife will love this for sure. Now where to get young, green mangoes ….

    • whytevee
      Wednesday ~ September 21, 2011

      village grocer always stocks them =D

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