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made in MyKitchen | deep fried salted egg shrimp

salted eggs contain a reeeeeally high sodium/salt content that it’s not exactly advisable to consume it too regularly.. but then, that scary fact aside, it makes a reeeeeeeally great condiment when eaten with piping hot white rice or rice porridge..

price wise, salted eggs are getting reeeeeeally expensive nowadays.. at MYR1.00 an egg, and MYR1.50 each during the bak chang season, it can reeeeeeally hurt the pocket.. especially when bought in big batches for making bak chang (savory glutinous rice dumplings)..

when Mina my close friend visited us early this year, she taught me how to make my own salted eggs.. she got the recipe from a cookbook about traditional Chinese cooking  and it’s a keeper definitely..

making salted eggs at home is certainly NOT difficult, time consuming (well, except for the weeks long waiting part) nor expensive at all.. in fact, it’s way cheaper than buying them in the wet market or supermarket.. i normally make about 6-7 salted eggs at one go, once every 2-3 months..

all you need are eggs (chicken, duck or quail), salt, and water.. oh, and a plastic or glass container to hold them.. the ratio of water and salt that is required is 4 cups water to ¾ cup of salt.. double or triple the amount if you’re making big batches.. just dissolve the salt in the water (warm water preferably as it helps the salt dissolve much faster) completely, and then once the solution’s cooled down completely, submerge cleaned (use a soft brush or hand cloth to rub the shells under running water, to remove any dirt clinging on them) eggs in it, in a container.. make sure the eggs are fully submerged.. and do use fresh eggs if possible.. eggs that are not fresh tend to float up to the surface and it’s hard to keep them submerged.. then, keep the container in a cool and dry place away from heat for about 2-3 weeks.. and, voila~! homemade salted eggs made in your very own kitchen~


easy peasy, isn’t it? :mrgreen:

besides eaten as a condiment, salted eggs can be incorporated into dishes too.. added into rice porridge.. stir fried with meat or veg.. and our favorite, salted egg coated deep fried seafood.. shrimp and squid, in particular.. it’s a dish that we always order whenever we dine out in a seafood restaurant..

for this dish, you don’t need to use salt to season the seafood prior to deep frying at all, as the salted egg yolk that will be used to coat it at the end is more than salty enough.. i like to dredge the seafood a few rounds with flour/starch, to get a really thick crispy shell, as it helps to tone the saltiness down quite a bit.. i use evaporated milk in the marinade as i feel the sweetness from it also helps balance out all the flavors.. you can substitute it with egg white if you like.. :mrgreen:

i like to add curry leaves to this dish as chewing on the salted egg coated leaves is a real delight by itself.. you can omit it if you don’t have any..


Ingredients :

  • medium/large shrimp, heads and shells removed, leaving the tails intact and butterflied

  • salted egg yolks, cooked (i used homemade salted chicken eggs. keep the egg whites for condiment or other dishes)
  • garlic, minced
  • curry leaves
  • evaporated milk
  • a bit of unsalted butter
  • Shao Hsing wine (optional)
  • a bit of fish curry powder
  • flour
  • ground black pepper

Method :

  • in a bowl, mix shrimp, evaporated milk, Shao Hsing wine, fish curry powder and ground black pepper. let the shrimp marinate for about 15 minutes

  • in another bowl, mash salted egg yolks. i used a sieve

  • heat up some oil for deep frying
  • dredge marinated shrimp in flour

  • deep fry shrimp until golden and crispy. drain shrimp of excess oil on absorbent kitchen towels. set aside

  • in a wok, melt a bit of unsalted butter with a bit of oil
  • saute minced garlic until fragrant. add in curry leaves and stir around for a few seconds
  • add in mashed salted egg yolk and stir fry for about a minute until it becomes foamy

  • add in deep fried shrimp and stir until well coated with salted egg yolk mixture
  • when done, turn the heat off
  • serve hot, and enjoy

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2 comments on “made in MyKitchen | deep fried salted egg shrimp

  1. ronin
    Friday ~ November 16, 2012

    It looks reeeeally delicious!

    • whytevee
      Friday ~ November 16, 2012

      it reeeeeeally is! :D

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