chapter V

when baking, follow directions.. when cooking, go by your own taste.. ~ Laiko Bahrs

made in MyKitchen | deep fried red fermented bean curd chicken



let’s see.. for this year, i’m going to-



*stares into space.. or tv screen, to be exact*

*mumbles to self*








oh well, i’ll get to it when i get to it..  :mrgreen:


nam yee, or red fermented bean curd is bean curd that’s fermented in a brining solution that contains red yeast rice, which gives off the deep red color coating on the big pieces of bean curd.. it also lends a really distinct flavor and aroma to it, unlike the normal white fermented bean curd..

back home, mom usually serves it as a condiment for plain rice porridge.. sometimes it’s incorporated into a thick and creamy dipping sauce for fried or gri. .. . ….ROFL ROFL ROFL (that’s Rolling On the Floor Laughing if you don’t know it already..)

*uncontrollable fits of laughter*

heeheeheeheehee.. hee..

pardon me.. i’m watching a repeat episode of Running Man, an extremely funny Korean variety show on tv while typing this entry.. very distracting indeed.. reminder to self – do NOT work on blog posts during ANY Korean variety shows after this..


sometimes, the red fermented bean curd is mashed into a thick sauce, to go with fried or grilled fish..

*muffled giggles*

ah sheesh this is not gonna end well.. let’s just move on to the recipe below, why don’t we? :mrgreen:


Ingredients :

  • chicken, chopped into pieces
  • red fermented bean curd pieces, and a bit of the red liquid(i normally use 1 piece per chopped chicken quarter)
  • 5 spice powder (about ¼ t for each piece of red fermented bean curd used)
  • egg yolk
  • corn starch

  • just a bit of fine sea salt (red fermented bean curd is already salty on its own, so go easy on amount of salt)
  • a bit of sugar

Method :

  • mash red fermented bean curd pieces with the red liquid into mush
  • in a bowl, marinate chicken pieces with all the ingredients. leave to marinate in the fridge for about 30 minutes or longer

  • heat up some oil for deep frying
  • deep fry marinated chicken until fully cooked through. to check for doneness, the chicken should ooze out clear liquid instead of bloody liquid when it’s draining of excess oil on absorbent kitchen towels/paper
  • when done, drain chicken of excess oil on absorbent kitchen towels/paper

  • serve, and enjoy

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