chapter V

when baking, follow directions.. when cooking, go by your own taste.. ~ Laiko Bahrs

made in MyKitchen | pork ribs and mushrooms in black bean sauce

about a week ago, i read an article in BBC News dot com about the upcoming launch of mobile money, a digital wallet in your mobile phone, if you may.. banks in the UK are already in the midst of adapting to this newest tech convenience to hit mankind.. soon enough, it’ll spread its influence globally, whether we like it or not.. and if you ask me, i don’t know if i’m going to like its convenience in the longer run..

undeniably, it will be a huge ease when it comes to large transactions of money, but for much smaller daily transactions, i still prefer to use the conventional paper/plastic/whatever-it’s-made-of-these-days bank notes and coins.. put it this way, i guess it’s more reassuring for me to be able to rub the bank notes between my fingers and count them out one by one when paying for something..

for sure, it’s going to be quite exciting to see how mobile money will affect us all in the future, positively or negatively.. i suppose one day, bank notes may disappear altogether when mobile money is fully implemented everywhere, from big to small businesses.. when that really happens, i’m extremely curious to see how our local Carrefour is going to adapt this system to its shopping trolleys which are each equipped with a coin slot, forcing customers to insert a coin in it to ‘unlock’ the trolley before use.. a system which i think is quite ridiculous in the first place, as customers still get to take their coin back once they’re done using the trolley.. i still dn’t see the point of its implementation at all, to this day..


here’s a recipe for a dish that’s fast becoming one of hubs’ favorite.. hmm.. but then again, i say that about each and every recipe posted here, don’t i?  :mrgreen:

so, anyways, today’s recipe is for pork ribs and mushrooms in black bean sauce that i’ve not-too-recently tried my hands on.. the black bean paste i used is of the Korean variety..

yes.. yes.. the obsession with everything Korean in the kitchen.. i know, i know..

um.. well, if you really must know, it’s all my mom’s fault.. first, it was the tv dramas.. then, slowly, the influence expanded to the kitchen.. cooking ingredients.. cookware.. i even shortened the coffee table’s legs to resemble a traditional Korean dining table.. i’ve been looking around for a low coffee table for some time when it struck me that i could just shorten the legs of our existing wooden coffee table than getting another one.. i usually eat sitting down on the floor in front of the tv when hubs is not around, and the table’s height is now just perfect for that.. :mrgreen:

back to the recipe.. you can substitute the Korean black bean paste for the more commonly available local black bean paste if you don’t have it.. however, the local type i do find much saltier than the Korean one.. so, if you’re using the local black bean paste, do go easy on the amount..


Ingredients :

  • soft/spineless pork ribs, chopped into small pieces

  • fresh shiitake mushrooms, halved

  • garlic, finely chopped
  • black bean paste

  • Shao Hsing wine
  • palm sugar
  • a bit of water

Method :

  • heat up some oil and stir fry pork ribs until about cooked on all sides

  • scoop the ribs out into a plate/bowl and set aside. discard the oil and meat residue in the wok/pan
  • heat up some new oil and saute garlic until a little browned and fragrant
  • add in black bean paste and saute it for a few seconds
  • add in Shao Hsing wine and palm sugar
  • let the sauce come to a simmer. add water if it gets too thick

  • add in cooked ribs and mushrooms and stir fry until the sauce is reduced to a really thick consistency

  • turn the heat off and garnish with sprinkles of white sesame seeds
  • serve, and enjoy

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