chapter V

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made in MyKitchen | jjajangmyeon / Korean noodles in black bean sauce

here’s squeezing in a last post right before giving the kitchen a Chinese New Year break.. :mrgreen:

i came across this green leafy veg that i’ve never seen before while doing my marketing rounds at the morning market..

the lady owner of the veg stall said it’s called ‘fu kwai choi.. very intrigued, i bought two packs, each containing two heads..

it looks like a flat version of the siew pak choi, or Chinese mustard.. the leaves are dark green in color, thick and a little rubbery in texture.. from the top, the veg somewhat resembles a green Chrysanthemum flower head..

to prepare it, the individual leaf stalks are torn off from the head and rinsed in a basin of water multiple times as there are bits of soil and dirt trapped in between the stalks.. quite a hassle, if you ask me.. :neutral:

i stir fried the whole lot with garlic and oyster sauce, and guess what, they do taste like Chinese mustard~


jjajangmyeon is another favorite Korean dish in our household, and though it looks like another version of the stir fried dark hokkien mee, the two dishes are very different in taste.. jjajangmyeon, or black bean noodles, consists of white wheat noodles topped with a gooey and thick black bean sauce with meat and vegetables..

cubed root veg like potatoes and radishes are commonly added in the sauce, but, i prefer to use thinly sliced kai lan, or Chinese broccoli.. unlike mustard greens, kai lan holds its shape really well and doesn’t break or disintegrate easily when cooked in sauces or soups.. meat-wise, pork is mostly used, but, you can opt for beef, chicken or lamb as well.. as for the noodles, if you can’t find any sutamyeon, or white wheat noodles, just substitute with spaghetti or flat pasta noodles instead..

chunjang, or black bean paste can be easily found in any Korean supermarkets.. well, if there’s none near you, just substitute with local black bean paste instead.. however, local black bean paste is much saltier and therefore, do go easy on the amount used..

so, below is my version of jjajangmyeon~ :mrgreen:


Ingredients :

  • sutamyeon / Korean white wheat flour noodles (i used bavette pasta noodles)
  • de-boned chicken meat, cut into cubes

  • kailan, cut into thick strips

  • garlic, finely minced
  • chunjang / Korean black bean paste

  • mirin / Japanese cooking rice wine
  • oyster sauce
  • palm sugar
  • ground black pepper
  • some water
  • water mixed with corn starch

Method :

  • heat up some oil and saute minced garlic until fragrant and slightly browned
  • add in black bean paste and palm sugar. saute for a while

  • add in mirin and stir well
  • add in water, a dash of ground black pepper and oyster sauce. let the mixture come to a boil
  • add in cubed chicken pieces and let the sauce come to a boil for about 5 minutes

  • add in kailan and let it cook in the sauce for about a minute
  • to thicken the sauce, add in water mixed with corn starch

  • taste as you cook. adjust seasonings if needed
  • when the sauce is done, turn the heat off
  • prepare noodles
  • to serve, pour the sauce all over the noodles
  • serve, and enjoy

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