chapter V

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made in MyKitchen | spicy bulgogi prawns

prawns taste best when they’re fresh, and they should not be kept longer than a week in the freezer, at most.. the moment the prawns are brought home, i normally trim off the sharp ends of the heads, the front legs, long whiskers, and cut off the sharp horns on the prawns’ heads before i store them in the freezer.. so, when i need to use them, i just let them thaw for a while and straightaway into the pan/pot they go..

for today’s recipe, prawns of any size can be used, but i find large prawns are best suited.. the bulgogi marinade sauce is sweet, and adding gochugaru (Korean dried pepper flakes) to it somehow enhances its flavors.. if you don’t have gochugaru, just substitute with common dried pepper flakes.. the taste may differ, as Korean pepper has a unique taste compared to other pepper/chilli, but, the resulting dish will still taste as delicious, regardless.. bulgogi sauce can be substituted with teriyaki sauce, as both are sweet.. however, teriyaki sauce is sweeter, so, go easy on the amount used..

this recipe is also great for grills/barbecues, and the prawns will have a smoky flavor, thanks to the fumes from burning charcoal.. i usually put the prawns on pre-soaked bamboo skewers, for easier turning and handling on the grill/barbecue.. while grilling, brush the prawns on both sides as you turn them around with the marinate sauce.. barbecued bulgogi prawns covered in thick and sticky sauce make the best party food, in my opinion~  :mrgreen:


Ingredients :

  • large prawns, trimmed and cleaned

  • garlic, finely minced
  • bulgogi marinade sauce

  • Shao Hsing cooking rice wine
  • gochugaru/Korean red pepper flakes
  • a pinch of fine sea salt

Method :

  • to remove the dark veins, cut a slit along the back of the prawns right down to the tail ends. carefully remove the dark veins

  • in a bowl, mix prawns with bulgogi sauce, mirin, gochugaru and a bit of fine sea salt

  • let the prawns marinate in the fridge for about 15-30 minutes
  • heat up some oil in a wok and saute garlic until fragrant and slightly browned

  • add in the prawns, marinade and all and stir fry on medium-high heat until the prawns are fully cooked through and the sauce is thickened

  • turn the heat off when the prawns are done
  • serve, and enjoy

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