chapter V

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made in MyKitchen | prawn curry

when curry is on the menu, i like to prepare it a day ahead.. curry is one of those kind of dishes that tastes better when kept overnight.. doing so allows all the flavors to really meld together and especially so if it’s seafood curry.. and speaking of seafood curry, prawn curry is still by far my favorite.. nothing else beats a beautifully prepared delicious prawn curry~ :mrgreen:

when cooking prawn curry, keep the heads and shells intact, as that’s where all the yummy flavors come from.. some recipes tell you to boil the heads and shells separately, before mixing the stock into the curry.. but, if it sounds like too much of a hassle, just dump the prawns, heads and all into the curry.. it really doesn’t make a difference, and besides, detaching the heads and sucking out all the juices and whatnots from it.. delicious stuff, let me tell you~ :mrgreen:

as for the spices, i find that galangal is one of the MUST have ingredients for a really good curry.. galangal has a distinct flavor and aroma that gives curry a special taste.. as it’s quite tough in texture, always slice it thin before blending it with the other wet spices in the food processor..

and last but not least, always use fresh coconut milk.. if you can’t find any, the packet ones are fine, but you’ll notice a difference in taste in the curry once you’ve tried both.. for the health conscious, evaporated milk is a good substitute for coconut milk.. when i don’t have coconut milk in hand, i use evaporated milk instead.. it gives a milder flavor, perfect for a lighter tasting curry..


Ingredients :

  • medium-large prawns, cleaned and trimmed

  • shallots
  • garlic
  • ginger
  • galangal
  • lemongrass (slit into half lengthwise)
  • kaffir lime leaves

  • fish curry powder
  • coriander powder
  • ground chilli paste
  • dried shrimp paste
  • dried tamarind peel
  • fresh coconut milk
  • palm sugar
  • sea salt
  • a bit of water

Method :

  • in a blender or food processor, pulverize shallots, garlic, ginger, galangal, fish curry powder, coriander powder, ground chilli paste, and dried shrimp paste with a bit of water to a fine paste
  • in a pot, heat up some oil and saute blended spices mix for a few minutes, or until fragrant and the oil has broken onto the surface
  • pour in fresh coconut milk and stir to mix well
  • when the liquid starts to boil, add in sea salt, palm sugar, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. let the whole thing cook on low-medium heat until the palm sugar and sea salt are fully dissolved

  • add in prawns and let the curry come to a slow boil until the prawns are cooked through
  • adjust seasonings. add more water, dried tamarind peel, sea salt or palm sugar if needed

  • turn the heat off when the curry is done
  • serve, and enjoy

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