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made in MyKitchen | sotong masak hitam / stir fried squid in black ink

when i came across a recipe for sotong masak hitam (stir fried squid in black ink) in a cook book, it stirred vague memories of sampling the delicious dish during my younger years.. i’ve since relied on the recipe (as well as tweaking it here and there :mrgreen:) to prepare the dish for hubs, whom has never tried it before..

it’s a dish that makes full use of the ink sacs that are attached to the squid’s entrails, which are normally discarded along with the entrails, back bone, eyes and beak when prepping squid.. you can see it right away when you detach the squid head from its body.. i normally remove the milky colored entrails first before handling the ink sac.. be careful when you remove the ink sac, as it’s very delicate and it’s easy to squirt the ink out while doing so.. i find the best way to remove the ink sac is by carefully pulling the top narrow end of the sac away from the part of the squid it’s attached to.. try not to poke or squeeze the bulging end of the sac..  though relatively tiny, the ink sacs hold a surprisingly big amount of black ink, which is really the squid’s defense mechanism to ward off predators in the sea..

there’s also an Italian squid recipe that makes use of the black ink as well.. however, the type of squid typically used is the cuttlefish, which is much bigger in size and has a rounder and thicker body.. the cuttlefish ink sacs are also much bigger and hold thicker, creamier black ink..

although the dish looks like the squid has been cooked with black mud, the delicious taste more than makes up for its unappetizing looks.. as mentioned prior, i made a few adjustments to the original recipe from the cook book.. i added kaffir lime leaves, which gives a fragrant aroma as well as lends a fresh flavor to it.. i also omitted the turmeric from the blended wet spices.. i wanted the dish to look as black as it should, without the yellow tinge from the turmeric.. :mrgreen:


Ingredients :

  • squid, cleaned and cut into rings

  • squid ink sacs

  • shallots, ginger and garlic, crushed/blended to a pulp
  • red chilli, sliced
  • kaffir lime leaves

  • fine sea salt

Method :

  • heat up some oil and saute shallots and garlic pulp until fragrant

  • add in squid, ink sacs, red chilli and kaffir lime leaves

  • crush the ink sacs in the wok/pan with the ladle to let the black ink out. mix well and stir fry until the squid is cooked through
  • season with a pinch or two of fine sea salt

  • when the squid is done and the liquid is reduced significantly, turn the heat off
  • serve, and enjoy

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4 comments on “made in MyKitchen | sotong masak hitam / stir fried squid in black ink

  1. Tulipware
    Tuesday ~ June 17, 2014

    Greetings! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you
    knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having problems finding one?
    Thanks a lot!

    • whytevee
      Sunday ~ June 22, 2014

      sorry for the late reply.
      wish i can help you but i have no idea. i’m not using it for this blog. besides, plugins are a bit tricky for blogs that use as its host. you might want to use a different blog host if you want to install plugins. you can go to for more tips and ideas

  2. missreverie
    Tuesday ~ April 2, 2013

    woah..This is something new, I didn’t know that the ink sac can be part of the dish! I wonder if it has any health benefits?

    • whytevee
      Thursday ~ April 4, 2013

      who would have thought, right? the ink doesn’t give a fishy taste at all, surprisingly.. as for health benefits, i’m in the dark about that too..

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