chapter V

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made in MyKitchen | Korean flavored spicy braised chicken

i always have a bottle of bulgogi marinade sauce in the pantry, as i use it quite a lot in meat and seafood dishes.. i can say that it’s my second favorite seasoning sauce, after oyster sauce.. like the latter, it just makes things taste good, no matter how you use it.. though typically used as a marinade for meat or seafood, i like to use it for braising too.. particularly, braised chicken or pork.. the sauce complements chicken really, really well, and especially so when kampung (free range) chicken is used..

if you’re a fan of spicy and sweet sauces or gravies, you should definitely give this recipe a try.. it’s finger licking good, and hubs and i just can’t get enough of it.. the first time i came up with this recipe, i thought it tastes a lot like dakdoritang, or Korean spicy braised chicken.. the appearances are also similar, though my dish is slightly sweeter, thanks to the bulgogi marinade sauce used.. sometimes i add tamarind juice, to give the dish a sour taste, but it still tastes best without..

i like to add white radish and sometimes fresh shiitake mushroom to the dish, but other veggies like potato, carrot and leeks are just as good.. the dish can be made spicier by adding gochugaru (Korean dried red pepper flakes), but do go easy on the amount, as gochugaru is really spicy.. Shao Hsing wine can be omitted if you don’t have it, but of course, the dish tastes better if you add it.. Shao Hsing wine can be substituted with other types of cooking rice wine..


Ingredients :

  • whole chicken, cut into small pieces

  • lemongrass, shallots, garlic and ginger, crushed/blend to a pulp

  • white radish, cut into big cubes

  • gochujang/Korean red pepper paste
  • bulgogi marinade sauce

  • Shao Hsing wine
  •  a bit of water

Method :

  • in a prep bowl, mix chicken with gochujang, bulgogi marinade sauce and Shao Hsing wine

  • set aside to marinate in the fridge for about 15 minutes or longer

  • heat up some oil in a pot and saute wet spices until fragrant

  • add in marinated chicken and a bit of water. let the mixture come to a boil on medium heat

  • add in cubed radish and lower the heat a little

  • let the chicken and radish cook for about an hour, or until the liquid has reduced significantly
  • when the chicken is done and the radish is softened, turn the heat off
  • serve, and enjoy

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