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made in MyKitchen | salt braised chicken

bak char iam, or stir fried chicken with salt, is a dish that mom prepares quite often.. it’s a recipe handed down through generations in the family, and so far, i’ve not come across this dish anywhere else, except in my hometown.. of course there’s the salt baked chicken, but that’s a different recipe altogether.. this particular recipe calls for the chicken (or usually, pork) to be first stir fried or seared in a bit of oil (that’s been infused with the aroma of sauteed garlic and ginger) until half or almost cooked, and then slowly braised in salted water until all the liquid dries up completely.. by then, the salt has penetrated into the meat, overall giving it a most delicious flavor.. it’s not meant to be overpoweringly salty, but just enough to flavor the meat thoroughly..

i’ve since modified the recipe a little, to suit my own taste buds.. the original recipe yields a dry dish, and i’m not such a huge fan of that.. i like the chicken to be moist, so my version has a bit of sauce covering the chicken.. so far, it’s a huge hit with hubs and yours truly, and i’ve never looked back since.. this dish is excellent with chicken rice and the works as well.. in our opinion, it tastes way better than the Hainanese style boiled chicken that is commonly paired with chicken rice.. :wink:


Ingredients :

  • chicken thighs (or other parts), chopped into medium sized pieces

  • a bit of garlic and ginger, finely crushed

  • a bit of sesame oil
  • Shao Hsing wine/Chinese cooking rice wine
  • coarse sea salt
  • plenty of water
  • corn starch

Method :

  • trim off any bits of fat on the chicken
  • in a wok, heat up some regular cooking oil mixed with a bit of sesame oil
  • saute garlic and ginger mix until fragrant and slightly browned
  • place all the chicken pieces in, skin side down into the wok and let them sear for a bit for some color

  • pour in water, submerging the chicken pieces in it
  • add in coarse sea salt and a splash of Shao Hsing wine. go easy on the salt. the gravy/sauce needs to be significantly reduced so don’t use too much
  • on low-medium heat, braise the chicken for about 45 minutes or longer, depending on the amount of water added

  • let the liquid reduce to about a third of the initial amount
  • scoop out about half of the remaining sauce
  • taste the sauce, add more water if needed
  • add in a bit of corn starch mixed with water to thicken the sauce

  • turn the heat off when done
  • serve, and enjoy

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3 comments on “made in MyKitchen | salt braised chicken

  1. Tina
    Wednesday ~ June 12, 2013

    another salivating recipe. can’t wait to try out :D

    also wondering. which brand and range of wok are you using? looks like non-stick and not teflon one you have there. i dread teflon ones.


    • whytevee
      Wednesday ~ June 12, 2013

      Hi tina~
      I used to use teflon non-stick cookware, then threw them out once scratches appear. Then i switched to these korean non-stick ones. Google ‘korean ceramic non-stick cookware’. So far, i really love them. Quite heavy, and i find them more scratch resistant. Still using non- metal utensils with them tho, not taking any risks. I got the wok from parkson. The brand is queen sense. I remember seeing it in haus depot as well. If you’re planning to get any, make sure it says ‘made in korea’.

      • Tina
        Wednesday ~ June 19, 2013


        Ahhh icic. i’ll check them out. thanks for sharing =D

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