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made in MyKitchen | favorite ramyeon / Korean instant noodles

we were in the car heading back home when the first fat drops of rain hit.. totally unexpected, but very much appreciated and welcomed.. after almost two weeks of hot weather and the thick smog everywhere, we’re all finally able to breathe easy again, sans face mask..if two days ago i couldn’t even see anything across the highway from where i live, right now, it’s all clear blue skies with cottony clouds floating idly by.. i don’t know about you, but i’m definitely thankful for it and absolutely savoring it.. :mrgreen:

so, i was in One Utama yesterday and there’s a Korean Food Festival going on at the moment at the new wing’s concourse level.. i didn’t drop by at the event, however, as i was in a rush.. at one corner, a dining platform was set up, where patrons can sit down and dine Korean style, foods or snacks ordered from a stall beside it.. looked interesting and wished i had stopped by for a bit and see what’s on offer.. oh well~


if you browse through the Korean section of any supermarket that stocks extensive ranges of international products like Cold Storage, Mercato, Ben’s General Food Store, etc, there’re very limited choices for instant noodles, or ramyeon.. the most common brand available is Nong Shim.. and the most common flavor you’ll find is

a spicy kimchi jjigae flavored soup base and the typical thin, curly noodles.. costs about MYR9-12..


not saying it’s not nice or anything, but it’s not exactly one that i’ll pick even if there’s nothing else available..

some time last year, while hubs and i were at my favorite Korean supermarket in the city, we bumped into his Korean regional colleague, whom was also picking up some groceries.. she peeked into my shopping basket and saw the few packs of different flavors of ramyeon/instant noodles.. hubs asked her which one is her favorite out of all the many different varieties on display (a whole aisle of ramyeon and other noodles~ :shock: ).. without hesitation, she picked out one we’ve never tried before and said that she likes it best compared to the rest..

we tried it, and agreed.. it’s a spicy seaweed flavor with really thick noodles (about half the thickness of udon noodles) and the kicker is the soup base.. each pack comes with a piece of dried, thick seaweed, alongside the soup base powder and dried veg bits.. taste wise, it’s not overly salty, with that pleasant umami flavor throughout.. just the way i like it~ :mrgreen:

there’s a non-spicy version as well, which tastes just as nice, but hubs and i both prefer the spicy one..

so, if you happen to venture into a Korean supermarket, look out for this one and give it a try.. it’s also from Nong Shim and goes for about MYR13-15 for a pack of five.. a bit more expensive, but totally worth every cent~ :mrgreen:

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