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made in MyKitchen | steamed prawns

back in the days, whenever there’s fresh large prawns in the kitchen, we’d end up devouring a platter of deliciously moist and flavorful steamed prawns prepared using the simplest and most minimal ingredients.. even now, whenever hubs and i are back home in my hometown visiting my parents, mom always makes sure to get the biggest and freshest prawns just for us.. what a treat to look forward to~

some people like their prawns shelled before steaming it, and others prefer the whole thing intact, for maximum flavor.. i belong to the latter group, while hubs is indifferent to either.. usually, i’ll make a slit along the back of the shells, to ease the peeling them off off before getting to the juicy, succulent meat.. leaving the shells and heads intact does in fact lend more yumminess to the resulting sauce, in my opinion.. all the sweetness melding together with the sauce makes for a truly finger licking experience.. i love to drown my plate of steamed white rice with the sauce and eat it up just like that.. lip-smacking good~

oh, for the oyster sauce in the recipe, if you don’t have it or somehow, someway you don’t like to use it, you can substitute it with light soy sauce instead.. however, light soy sauce is much saltier, so go easy on the amount.. add a bit of water to the sauce to dilute it a little.. same goes for fish sauce if that’s the substitute you’re going to use..

ginger juice doesn’t turn the dish spicy/hot at all, if you’re worried about that.. it lends a really fresh, zingy flavor to the delicious sauce.. i’ll have to say that it’s a crucial ingredient for this recipe, as i’ve tried preparing it with and without ginger juice.. huge noticeable difference, as confirmed by hubs as well..


Ingredients :

  • medium – large prawns, trimmed and cleaned

  • ginger, peeled
  • egg, lightly beaten
  • oyster sauce

Method :

  • prepare steamer
  • crush ginger to a pulp using a mortar and pestle (or a food processor). strain the juice into a bowl

  • mix the ginger juice with some oyster sauce. taste, adjust amount of either ingredient as needed

  • arrange prawns in a deep plate
  • pour sauce mixture all over the prawns

  • next, slowly pour beaten egg all over the prawns, on top of the sauce

  • place the plate of prawns into the steamer
  • steam the prawns for about 10-15 minutes, or until they’re all cooked through
  • when the prawns are done, remove from the steamer
  • serve, and enjoy

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2 comments on “made in MyKitchen | steamed prawns

  1. ronin
    Tuesday ~ July 2, 2013

    No alcohol? Ok, I’ll get some prawns this weekend to try.

    • whytevee
      Tuesday ~ July 2, 2013

      Cooking alcohol’s mostly optional, i think.. Can be added or not at all, no problem.. Unless it’s a crucial ingredient then it’s a different story altogether :D i’ve tried this recipe with a light splash of shao hsing wine.. Adds an extra kick, IMO..

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