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made in MyKitchen | gyoza / Japanese pot-stickers

nowadays for the past few months, i’ve been strongly craving for chou tofu, or stinky tofu.. so, whenever hubs happens to have work appointments nearby the area where my favorite stinky tofu vendor sells the delicious, pungent smelling snack, he will drive over and buy some home for us to enjoy as an after dinner snack.. he said the stuff stinks so bad the whole car is literally filled with the pungent stink by the time he reaches home.. :mrgreen:

my love for stinky tofu started when an old friend introduced it to me many years ago.. i was of course, like most newbies, put off by the horrible, horrible smell that accompanied it.. i would describe the stench as a lethal combination of clogged drains and extra smelly feet mixed together to form that unmistakably rancid stink which can make just about anyone’s stomach lurch instantly .. but, all that became a non-important problem once i took a bite..

absolutely yummeh~

makes you really wonder, how anything that stinks so bad can taste sooooo good and addictive at the same time?

crispy on the outside and soft on the inside pieces of deep fried fermented tofu blocks drenched in really hot chilli sauce with pickled cabbage strips on the side.. the tofu itself tastes like.. well, tofu.. but with that inexplicable taste underneath that goes really well with the spicy sauce and pickled cabbage.. we always ask for extra sauce every time..

i once jokingly told hubs that i should make my own stinky tofu at home, since my favorite stinky tofu place is so far away from where we live.. he said he hoped i was really, truly just joking and that our furry babies (and him) are going to faint everyday for sure if i really do put my words to action.. :mrgreen:


so here’s another recipe for a snack today~ :mrgreen:

gyoza, or Japanese dumplings are one of my favorite snacks as well as sides to accompany mains like fried rice, noodles, etc.. crispy on the bottom and soft on top, it’s a kind of food that is best eaten immediately once it’s cooked.. sometimes, i make extra and freeze them for those late afternoons when the tummy demands for some tea time snacks, and sometimes for brunch~ oh, and it’s really good in soup too.. i love adding it to instant noodles..

had these for brunch earlier, with a bowl of Vietnamese beef and noodle salad.. made the salad after seeing it on My Kitchen Rules a few days ago.. that’s a recipe for another day~ :mrgreen:

the usual ingredients that i always use for gyoza filling are fatty pork mince, chopped shrimp meat and chopped water chestnuts.. sometimes i add chopped carrots or parsley, and when i want to spice things up, some chilli flakes.. you can either mince the ingredients into a really fine paste, or chunky bits.. i do both, and today’s recipe features a chunky filling..


Ingredients :

  • pork shoulder mince

  • chopped shrimp meat

  • water chestnuts, chopped

  • parsley, finely chopped
  • oyster sauce
  • gyoza wrappers

  • a bit of water
  • light soy sauce
  • cooking caramel

Method :

  • in a bowl, combine pork shoulder mince, shrimp meat, water chestnuts, and parsley. mix well and season with oyster sauce

  • to make dumplings, place some meat filling in the middle of a piece of gyoza wrapper

  • dip a finger in some water and wet the edges of the wrapper. this will help the edges stick
  • bring the edges together to form a half moon

  • pleat the dumpling’s edges

  • or,

  • set aside finished dumplings in a tray

  • heat up some oil in a pan
  • when the oil is hot enough, place dumplings in the pan

  • put the lid on and leave the dumplings to cook for a bit
  • check the dumpling bottoms. once they’re nicely browned, pour in some water and quickly put the lid on
  • let the steam cook the dumpling tops for a few minutes

  • when done, turn the heat off
  • to prepare the sauce, mix light soy sauce, cooking caramel and some water. taste and adjust accordingly

  • serve, and enjoy

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2 comments on “made in MyKitchen | gyoza / Japanese pot-stickers

  1. missreverie
    Tuesday ~ September 10, 2013

    yummm dumplings are just oh so delicious. Gotta make these soon!

    • whytevee
      Tuesday ~ September 10, 2013

      dainty parcels of delightful deliciousness~ :D

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