chapter V

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made in MyKitchen | light & easy nasi tomato/tomato rice

so, we dragged ourselves to the annual Big Bad Wolf book sale last weekend.. we didn’t want to miss it this year like we did the previous years.. since the only time we could go was after midnight, we reached around 3 am.. open 24 hours throughout, it was MASSIVE.. tonnes of books of all genres, well, i now know how three million books look like for sure.. i also know now that when a big sale like this comes to town, in order to avoid the infamous day time crowds, sacrificing sleep is not a problem at all for the good folks of Klang Valley..

hubs spotted a row of electric massage chairs at the mezzanine floor overlooking the whole scene.. i made a beeline for the cookery section, and like everyone else, started browsing through stacks and stacks of books.. i went, expecting to leave with just the two titles i already set my eyes on from the event’s website’s list.. we left almost two hours later with more than that, and feeling as if we barely spent at all.. good buys? certainly.. will we go again next year? i don’t know.. i think i’d rather visit the parent store, Book Xcess in Amcorp Mall if i wish to buy books at super discounted prices..


i found a bottle of unopened tomato puree at the back of a shelf in the pantry a few days ago.. the expiry date on the cap says somewhere early next year, so i thought i better use  it soon.. hubs requested for tomato rice and ayam masak merah, and since  both recipes require tomato puree, that’s how i finished the whole bottle at one go.. :mrgreen:

last year, i came up with the simplest recipe for nasi tomato, or tomato rice.. hubs praised it, saying it’s really, really light and delicious.. i thought so too.. it also pairs really, really well with ayam masak merah.. i omitted a few things from my previous version for nasi tomato , especially the fresh spices and stock/evaporated milk.. the absence of sauteed fresh spices didn’t make much of a difference, taste wise, and the rice is obviously much lighter without adding any stock or milk to it..

the rice is just perfect for any meat dishes with gravy.. sometimes i add thinly sliced carrots to it, giving it a bit of sweetness as well as added texture.. if you don’t have tomato puree, you can substitute it with tomato ketchup instead.. just dilute it with water first..


Ingredients :

  • long grain rice, soaked for a while
  • a bit of ghee or butter
  • cinnamon stick
  • star anise
  • cloves

  • tomato paste/puree

  • a pinch or two of sea salt
  • enough stock or water to cook rice

Method :

  • drain rice and place in rice cooker
  • melt ghee with a bit of oil
  • saute whole spices until fragrant

  • pour the melted ghee and spices on top of the rice
  • mix tomato paste/puree with enough water to cook rice
  • pour the water into the rice cooker

  • turn the rice cooker on and leave the rice to cook
  • when the rice is done, fluff it up

  • serve, and enjoy

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2 comments on “made in MyKitchen | light & easy nasi tomato/tomato rice

  1. rajeshwari
    Tuesday ~ February 4, 2014

    rakskitchen recipes all are good and soooo tasty. reallt i like

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